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Kenya Government Acquires DNA Analysis Machines To Beat Crime – Matiang’i

Kenya Government Acquires DNA Analysis Machines To Beat Crime – Matiang’i
Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i (Right)

In a move to improve criminal analysis but at a time that is badly mistaken owing to the failure of police reforms, Jubilee government has acquired a DNA analyser machine to aid in forensic analysis of crimes.

This was announced by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i.

DNA profiling is a forensic technique in criminal investigations, comparing criminal suspects’ profiles to DNA evidence so as to assess the likelihood of their involvement in the crime. It is also used in parentage testing, to establish immigration eligibility, and in genealogical and medical research.

The problem with Kenyan criminal justice system which starts with investigations by police to the trial at the Judiciary is the MANNER IN POLICE CARRY OUT INVESTIGATIONS or handle the scene of crime.

For example, a recent case of open murder of Moi University Student Ivy Wangeci, the police that arrived at the scene didn’t even secure it.

One was pictured handling the alleged murder weapon: the axe.

Police officer with Ivy Wangeci’s murder weapon. The officer should’ve used a glove to handle this murder weapon.

Kenya also has many unresolved murder cases that should’ve been easy to crack but politics stand in the way.

Therefore, even with the new forensic equipments; change is likely not to come faster for many reasons.

Police reforms are only successful on paper but not in real sense; ‘vitu ni different kwa ground’.

Don’t also don’t forget that the youths are demonized by the police: the agenda of the Kenyan government on youths has always been shoot to kill.

But in the coming months, we might see a shift to that. Many pundits have argued that the Kenya Prisons Enterprise Corporation Order signed by President Kenyatta late last year is meant to privatize prisons and fill it with able bodied but oppressed Kenyan youths who will then be used as forced-labour to build Kenyatta cities such as the one being built at Northlands Kiambu.

Anyway, let’s wait and see.

Someone tell Fred Matiang’i, the forensic equipments must actually serve public good.