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Video: Businessmen Protest The Killing Of Mombasa City

Over a couple of years, the port city of Mombasa has had an attack on its only source of livelihood, the port.

The port through the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) which has been a major source of employment for residents has not been spared the Kenyatta onslaught, where state resources are being taken over and used to monopolize services that benefits only the current first family.

The formation of the Kenya Maritime Authority undermines both the Kenya Navy and the KPA.

The plans to build a dry port in Naivasha undermines Mombasa’s economy.

Why would anyone want to build a dry port just very near to another one, worse still one that has failed to live up to its billing? Nairobi has a sort of container handling terminal that is not well managed.

Kenyattas have been accused of building the Naivasha dry port on a land that they own. Having acquired it through underhand tactics from the Delamere family.

In the years past before the handshake, Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho was a strong opposition to the Kenyatta family attempts to take warehouses at the port city of Mombasa.

Kenyattas plans was to respond in kind by shifting the SGR route to the dry port in Naivasha so as to have an upperhand in the future; and not to get to such ugly tussles with Mombasa leadership.

The Kenyattas have increasingly become bold in using state resources to shove up their businesses.

Today, businessmen in Mombasa took to the streets to protest the killing of their town through all the above. SGR has killed the long-haul tracks that ship goods from Mombasa to other parts of Kenya and the wider East Africa. This has been aided by the government’s veto power to impose high fees on trucks so that truckers/businessmen can ‘forcefully’ use the SGR.

Violent crimes are on the rise as youths grapple with Joblessness.

Is this the new normal or something will change?


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