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Wamlambez! Kenyan celebrities once rumored to be lesbians

Same gender relationship is not a new thing in Kenya, it has became a norm. Although, they don’t go public with their same gender partners, it happens and that’s what it is.

Some of our female celebrities have been rumored to be lesbians due to their actions or statements towards lesbianism or what they say or do to their said female partners.

We’ve also witnessed scandals where some of the celebrities highlighted on this article have been involved in one way or the other. Let’s take a look at Kenya’s female celebrities rumored to be lesbians.

1. Sharon Mundia

Sharon Mundia is media personality also known as This is Ess. The hot lass was involved in a scandal early last year that saw her breaking up with her husband.

Word had it that her husband caught her red handed during the act with musician Fena Gitu and radio host Patricia Kihoro.

2. Patricia Kihoro

Patricia Kihoro is a singer, actress and radio presenter. Patricia Kihoro was rumored to be a lesbian when she was allegedly caught with Sharon Mundia and Fena Gitu doing their thing.

3. Fena Gitu

Fena Gitu is a musician and a brand ambassador of Marini Naturals. Fena Gitu made to the list of rumored lesbians long before even all the other names here.

A time this year she was rumored to be dating Edith Kimani a media personality.

4. Rawbeena

Rawbeena is a musician, songwriter and producer. Rawbeena was rumored to be lesbian when she released a song alongside Fena Gitu dubbed Romantic and from the video you could tell that there’s more that what you’d think.

5. Edith Kimani 

Edith Kimani is a media personality. The sexy lass is not new to controversies she always faces it and makes her way out.

Because of her friend Fena, she was rumored to be a lesbian as well, this came by when she shared a video of her flirting with Fena Gitu.

6. Michelle Ntalami 

Michelle Ntalami is the founder of Marino Naturals.

Barely a month ago, Michelle Ntalami was rumored to be a lesbian when a lady dating yet another lesbian Makena Njeri claimed that Makena cheated on her with Michelle Ntalami.

7. Makena Njeri 

Makena Njeri is an actor and producer at BBC. She came to the limelight after her Mercedes Benz was vandalized by her alleged female partner. Makena was rumored to be dating Michelle Ntalami.

8. Nasha Dee

Nasha Dee is an actress at Tahidi High and also a musician.

Nasha was rumored to be a lesbian long ago when she released a love song that had a female video vixen. This sparked reactions online many questionimg the motive of using a female model as a video vixen.