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How rogue manager Joe Mwangi robbed off acrobat Wendy Waeni’s persona

Acrobat Wendy Waeni has shocked the nation after exposing her former manager Joe Mwangi as a rogue, heartless conman.

In an interview with Jeff Koinange, Wendy said,

“I have performed all over the world but I’ve never gotten a penny from it and that is because of my previous manager (Joe Mwangi). I live n a single room in Huruma with my mother.’

Waeni, a Form 1 student at a city High School narrated how her mother is struggling to fend for her family.

“My mother is really suffering. She’s working right now (10 pm). She sells sweets and cigarettes at night and we’re in this situation because of Joe Mwangi. Ever since I started performing across the globe, my mum has never gotten a single penny.”

The emotional Wendy, who many think is living large from the flashy posts on her social media accounts yet in the real sense she’s suffering, has been branded rude by a section of her fans.

But she hasn’t been aware of what Joe Mwangi used to post or comment using her pages.

He is the one who has been running her accounts.

“It ‘s really so sad when people tell me I’m rude, I am a brat because I post things on Instagram which I don’t really know. I don’t have access to my social media accounts. It’s Joe Mwangi who controls them,” she reveals.

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