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Controversial preacher James Ng’ang’a fined Ksh. 1 million for exposing woman’s breast on TV

The government through the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) on Friday, September 20, cracked the whip against controversial preacher James Maina Ng’ang’a.

The CA fined the controversial preacher Ksh1 million for exposing a woman’s breast during a live church service on Sasa TV channel.

The preacher was penalised as the broadcast was termed indecent content during watershed period.

Chris Wambua, the authority’s public affairs director stated that the lead preacher of Neno Evangelism Centre was first issued with a warning after the occurrence of a similar incident in the past.

The preacher earned a million shilling fine for broadcasting the footage barely a week after he was issued with the warning.

“He has been fined 1 million shillings for continuing to broadcast when a woman’s breast was exposed. This happened during the watershed period which is in violation of one of the Communication Authority rules and regulations. He was first issued with a warning which we expected him to stop but he did not,” Wambua revealed.

Ng’ang’a defended himself claiming that he wasn’t aware that the breast was exposed.

“Recently I was charged with exposing a breast, I did not know it was exposed because it wasn’t mine as it was during the deliverance period. I have been asked to pay Ksh1 million. I appealed but I’m not sure the appeal will go through,” he stated.

Pastor Ng’ang’a then wondered how much he would have been asked to pay if he were to take his ministry to Turkana – a reference to the cliche image of the traditional Turkana woman.

“How would I have known the breast was exposed? What if I was in Turkana, how is it going to be?. You know the people who form the constitution hawakuita deliverance ministry. Waangalie hizo vipengele. Kama mtu akilipuka na yuko mbele ya camera?” Ng’ang’a posed.