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Khali Cartel 3 is here and KOT can’t keep calm

The long awaited Khali Cartel 3 is finally here and the third installment of the same is nothing short of spectacular this time featuring Bey T, Breeder LW, Silverstone Barz, Rekles and Chiwawa together with the OG himself, Khaligraph Jones.

The cypher which was directed by Khaligraph Jones and Mike Lolly P sees Khaligraph Jones playing an Advocate in the cameo with his big brother Lamaz Span K.O.B being the judge sitting on the bench holding the gavel.

The whole cypher is set up to seem like a mock trial which sees all the rappers featured on the cypher being called upon one by one by the Advocate (Khaligraph Jones) to the witness stand where they deliver their verses and boy, did they deliver.

In chronological order, Bey T, Breeder LW, Silverstone Barz, Rekles and Chiwawa came forward to the witness stand after getting lyrically introduced by Khaligraph Jones and left the beat on a hearse after their verses were done.

The Khali Cartel 3 will forever be remembered as one of the best rap cyphers that has ever come from Africa.

This record that was produced by Motif is most definitely going to take all the artistes featured on it places without a doubt.

Just like that Silverstone Barz, Bey T, Rekles, Breeder LW is now officially on everyone’s radar as rap’s protege’ since we all know that Chiwawa is an ultimate OG in the Kenyan rap game, ask any Kenyan around you about him.