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H_art is the band that does music over hype and fine tunes street pop

H_art is the band in many sides of town, these boys are super talented, from grabbing and playing with any instrument to writing and performance. They are crazy behind the mic with different abilities and unique individual styles that nicely fuse as one thing.

There are so many bands around and Sauti Sol is the big fish in these musical waters of bands and something close to traditional music with the urban touch of today. They have reached the heights of success many will die wishing. They have a studio album under their belt, they have been around the world with some ‘hood’ still in them. they have a label now and nurturing fresh talents and that’s the artist’s sure way of achieving longevity.

But H_art the Band should be some where there on top if not running parallel with Sauti Sol, because really, this band is unique, super talented and just big enough to pull guts off Sauti Sol. In a near crazy that’s definitely their own, this band is not like other average bands aping Sauti Sol.

Their sound is as unique as their dress code, vibe and meditation. They debuted with Uliza Kiatu in 2014 and took the country by storm. They cooked and brought a new meaning and touch of street pop. Uliza Kiatu was off their first album ‘Made in the Streets’. Singles in that project lived to the title of the album and marked their space in the industry.

They are not known for releasing singles or albums randomly but whenever the get off the cook house, their works bless streets, cooperates and up market. They step on bigger stages with their theme majorly dwelling on love and sacrifice.

Only God knew the future of Wachira Gatama, Keneth Muya  and Mordecai Mwinyi would be this musically bright. They met in some auditions in 2013 in Nairobi, became a band and have since grown a steady fan base of youths through their lyrics, performance and ghetto roots.

They are good and daring, they can bite strange fruits and blame their talents for the crazy appetite. In their collaboration with Red Acapella (Tumeifanya Tena), the band standouts in a turf that appears more of Red Acapella and the result was a hit song that will last centuries.

They are not clogged in today’s simple pop that is basic and cheaply about sex with reference to women as objects. This band does not rock like that and they are worth airtime and radio play today. They have dropped an album for all, MADE IN THE STREETS. It’s more about their life styles, background and a proper packaging of the life lived by most of their fans.

The album featuring serious guest list from Victoria Kimani who is big across the continent, Seyi Shay who is crazy with high note range. Nyota Ndogo is brought back to the booth to breath a sweet taarab life into the project. The album is good back and forth flip back on love and socio-political rhetoric.

When some people would expect them to compete with Sauti Sol or sound like them, they have dropped a surprise. ‘Issa Vibe’ featuring Sauti Sol is a good song, from the lyrics, arrangement and production. How Sauti’s Chimano laced it with background vocals is legendary.