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A 68 Year Old Woman Raped By His Son In Kericho

Residents of Mosomborik village in Kipkelion, Kericho county were left shocked after a 36-year-old man assaulted and raped his 68-year-old mother.

Geoffrey Kibet allegedly ambushed his 68-year-old mother at night and raped her for hours before escaping.
The man who was drunk during the incident allegedly threatened the mother with a machete, assaulted her before raping her.
According to area chief Stephen Korir, the suspect is alleged to have arrived at his mother’s house at around 8 pm only to leave his mother at midnight.

“When she resisted, the suspect slapped her as he threatened to cut her to pieces with a panga. He came home drunk before assaulting and raping her mother,” Korir said,

Mr. Korir confirmed to the Kenyan Bulletin that the accused man was later on arrested and he’s in custody pending investigations before being arraigned in Court.

According to the Poice, the 68-year-old raped woman crawled to a nearby neighbour’s house where she narrated her ordeal shortly after the suspect had left her in a lot of pain.

Poice have told Kenyan Bulletin that the suspect was arrested in one of the Chang’aa drinking dens in the village where he had drunk to slumber.

Korir hailed the police for arriving in time to save the suspects from irate locals who threatened to attack him over the ungodly incident.

“Members of the public who were baying for the suspect’s blood, but police moved in and restrained them,” said the chief.

The victim was treated at Londiani Sub-County Hospital. The suspect’s father was away when the incident occurred.

“The father was visiting some of their relatives in Kuresoi when he pounced on his mother,” said the chief.