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Bungoma Man Killed By His Ex Wife Over 1,000 Shillings

A Bungoma woman last night attacked her drunk husband for stealing her Sh1,000 and spending it on alcohol that he allegedly drunk with his clande.

Babra Caro from Kibisi, Tongeren constituency, was rescued by the police from a mob that wanted to lynch her after stubbing her husband Ronald Wekesa, who was taken to Lugulu Mission Hospital but died of heavy bleeding.

Webuye OCPD Valerian Obare said Caro will, today, be charged with murder. Neighbour Jane Wamalwa said the couple’s children sought her help to rescue their father who was being assaulted by their mother.

“I rushed to the scene together with other neighbours only to find Wekesa groaning in pain with blood oozing from the nose and the mouth,” Wamalwa said.

The deceased’s mother, Gertrude Wekesa, said she was yet to come to terms with her son’s death.

“I am very sad to lose my son because of the misunderstanding between him and my daughter-in-law. Women should learn to walk away from marriages if they cannot withstand the pressure.” said the 86-year-old woman.


“The woman had separated with my son on grounds that I didn’t understand but later they had just reconciled. It is unfortunate that at my age, I am the one taking care of their five children. l am deeply devastated with this situation,” said the deceased’s father, Aaron Wekesa.