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Centum: A trusted Investment Channel

East and Central Africa’s leading and largest investment company, Centum Plc, has over the years provided the investment channel through which other investors access and build extra-ordinary enterprises in Africa.

This is evident from the company’s numerous investments in various sectors of the economy such as financial services, real estate, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), education, manufacturing, energy and technology.

For instance, Centum Capital Partners, a wholly-owned and independently managed subsidiary of the Centum Group, plans to invest up to Sh5 billion over the next five years in diverse sectors of the economy by building a promising pipeline of deals, a move which will bring on board like-minded investors.

Recently, the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) listed firm’s real estate arm, Centum Re, announced that it has signed an agreement to raise Sh17 billion from Luxembourg-based private equity firm GEM Global Yield LLC CSC through a partial share sale which will be channeled towards building 3000 homes.

“Centum Re is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with GEM Global Yield LLC SCS … to provide Centum Real Estate with a share subscription facility of up to Sh17 billion for a 36-month term following a public listing,” the company said in a statement.

Additionally, Centum Re holds bulk development rights across its land banks for its future housing development and for sale to other real estate developers.

The giant investment company (Centum) has also been planning the sale of shares in the real estate arm, with the listing of the subsidiary expected to make it easier for the investment firm to sell part of its interest to other investors.

This will help the company book major capital gains and reduce the concentration of its assets in the real estate sector, with an intention of redirecting its cash into marketable securities (stocks and bonds) and private equity.

Centum is a publicly owned investment company with headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. Its mission is to create real, tangible wealth by providing the channel through which investors access and build extraordinary enterprises in Africa.