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Co-operative Bank Of Kenya’s Expansion Strategy

Co-operative Bank of Kenya (Co-op Bank)remains committed to expanding its physical presence despite the growing popularity of digital banking services.

William Ndumia, Director of Retail and Business Banking, outlines the bank’s strategy to open 15 new branches this year. These branches aim to bridge geographical gaps and cater to emerging business hubs.

Mr. Ndumia emphasizes the bank’s mission to establish dominance in the market by extending services to underserved counties and areas experiencing infrastructural development.

Co-operative bank of Kenya's expansion strategy
Image source (KBF)

Local Expansion Focus

While the bank operates in South Sudan, its primary focus currently lies in expanding its footprint within Kenya to capitalize on untapped growth prospects.

The planned 15 branches will supplement the eight opened last year and the five inaugurated in 2022, reflecting a continuous expansion effort.

Despite the increasing preference for digital platforms, Co-operative Bank recognizes the demand for physical branches, particularly in satellite and rural towns.

Strategic Branch Openings

Highlighting specific branch openings, including Ugunja town in Siaya County and Imaara Shopping Mall on Mombasa road, Co-operative Bank aims to extend its reach strategically.

The bank’s upcoming branch in Luanda town, Vihiga County, underscores its intention to compete with local rivals like Equity and KCB.

Asset Financing Deal and Customer Benefits

Following a partnership with Isuzu East Africa, Co-op Bank introduces an asset financing scheme to facilitate schools and businesses in acquiring vehicles.

The scheme offers various benefits, including significant financing percentages and flexible repayment terms.


Co-operative Bank’s expansion initiatives, coupled with innovative financing schemes, demonstrate its commitment to enhancing accessibility and supporting local businesses and institutions.