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Confused Waititu To Run Kiambu County From His Illegitimate Nairobi Offices

The people of Kiambu County and the entire voting bots under the Kumira Kumira umbrella should have listened to woke minds when going to vote. Uhuru’s own Governor is a piece of shit that is, as Miguna would put it, book dwarf, functionally illiterate and a typical example of a street dimwit trusted by confused society to bring change.
Today, Saturday, August 10, 2019-Kiambu Governor, Ferdinand Waititu, has set up parallel offices in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD), in complete violation of court orders that placed his Deputy, James Nyoro, in charge of Kiambu County.
On Thursday, the High Court order allowed the now totally confused and overtaken by events  Waititu to vacate his Kiambu office, giving him a deadline of one day to pick his belongings. Close sources to Waititu revealed that the Thursday court order seriously affected his day-to-day operations as the governor cannot consult his juniors.
The sources revealed that Waititu shifted camp to the tenth floor of his Koinange Street office, at a building he recently bought from Jamii Bora Bank. Reports have it that Waititu has been holding several meetings with executives who are loyal to him.
Waititu’s Tower In Nairobi CBD
Waititu’s new move has seen county executives’ loyalties split between the two men as they are not sure of whom to report to.
“Not much is happening in Kiambu. Power politics has stalled progress; we are also confused on who to report to,” one of the executives, seeking anonymity revealed.
Waititu, his wife, daughter and some Kiambu officials are facing corruption-related charges after they were accused of running down the County Government for their selfish benefits.
Yes, the people of Kiambu, come pick your baggage from Nairobi, City residents have enough drama and bullshit from their own governor, Mike Sonko
I hope this confusion brings sense to the heads of the most senseless voters of the larger Kiambu County which is also the home for our ‘confused with ideas’ president.
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