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Do they pay Tax? Client complains about extortion & mistreatment at Palm Beach Hospital, Diani

A client has exposed Palm Beach Hospital for extortion.

According to the information received, the client claims the hospital inflated cost of treatments for fever.

“On 8th June at 10:11 in the morning, a father (Mzungu foreigner) on holiday in Diani Beach brought his sick 4-year-old son to Palm Beach Hospital for treatment. They saw a doctor who told them they’ll run some tests. They took the child’s urine and blood twice. While waiting for the results, they were taken to a room and the patient was given some paracetamol to combat his fever”, the whistleblower begins.

They spend the entire day at the hospital doing ‘nothing’ but later received a bill of USD970 (approximately Kes.133,000) which they fairly disputed as they analysed the treatment given (paracetamol and some tests) vis a vis the cost.

“Results came out and they were told he has a bacterial infection. They were NOT allowed to see the test results. The hospital then administered medication through an IV to the child. They were released between 5-6 P.M. They asked for the bill and were shocked that the total was 970 usd i.e. Ksh 133,000/= . They tried to inquire about the breakdown of the bill but were received with hostility. At this point, they called a friend who is a Kenyan Diani resident to try and help.”

The Kenyan friend came to rescue his mzungu buddy but instead of the hospital breaking down the cost and embracing an amicable resolution. The lead doctor (Dr. Koteck) started hurling insults and threats, bordering on racism.

Dr Koteck, a man of  Indian origin made comments that he can do whatever he wants since it is his business, and that he can charge anyone any amount.

The Mzungu grew suspicious after the first day and rejected admission of his son when he came back the second day, but was forced to go back because the child was still distraught and vomiting and visibly in a lot of pain. The hospital adminstered medication without proper explanation and charged the aforementioned bill.

“You can take me nowhere”

Dr Koteck fumed and continually banged his table and threatened the Kenyan with dire consequences if he did not leave the hospital.

‘Who are you to question me’

‘This is my bloody hospital’

‘You can take me nowhere’

‘Call the Police’

‘ You’re a fool’

‘Are you a medial doctor like me’

‘Who invited you here’

‘What I charge is non of your bloody business ‘

‘Fuck you idiot’

New invoice

“After some back and forth, the Kenyan left and the foreigners were presented with a new invoice of a total 862.98 usd with a discount of 43.15 usd, net total of 819.83. They paid in Ksh. 114,202/=. The hospital refused to give a receipt. The foreigners were told to pay via Mpesa and they were given a private number and not the official hospital paybill,” the whistleblower wrote.

Kenyabulletin.com has seen the MPESA screenshots and documents to back up these claims.

The foreigners were charged an exorbitant consultation fee for a child with fever (Ksh 35,000/=). They were also charged ward fees, though they never spent a night at the hospital. No food, no drink even for the baby. He rested in a waiting room for which they paid heavily.

Can an independent Dr or Pharmacist look at these charges and see how this extortionist Koteck took advantage of these poor foreigners who could hardly communicate in English or Swahili.

Please note the child is still very sick despite the hefty bill paid, and had to be moved to another hospital.

Can the medical practitioners board look into this matter, and address even the racism exhibited by this Mhindi.

They refused to offer receipts.

It’s quite obvious that this hospital is evading the Kenya Kwanza government’s efforts to have everyone pay taxes.

Dr Kotack is definitely above the law.

The source says that it appears Palm Beach Hospital is evading paying taxes as per Kenya Kwanza Govt’s clampdown on tax evaders.

‘Why is there no ETR receipts? Does KRA ever check on such businesses?,’ the source wonders.

“Dr Kotack’s agenda is to racially profile, abuse and discriminate against indigenous. And extort from tourists and foreigners without shame. A child’s fever cost the parents over 100k with no receipts ….. the baby is still sick as we speak. Is this Mhindi man setting up another Shakahola? Serikali isaidie. They only have the M-PESA message. They charged them for two nights yet the child wasn’t admitted overnight. The prices in general are overpriced for everything,” the source concludes