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DP Ruto’s rival Isaac Rutto breaks his silence on the cancellation of Kimwarer dam projects

Former Bomet governor Isaac Rutto has supported President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to cancel Kimwarer dam project.

Ruto observed that Uhuru was justified in his decision since the document from the committee experts showed that the area had a fault line.

“When I looked at the document he used, I will agree with him that is the best decision an executive can do. I think it is the Kimwarer dam which has a fault line. How do you build a dam with a fault line?” Posed Rutto.

The former head of governors was speaking on Sunday night when he appeared at K24 TV Punchline show.

“The President has been given the Executive report by experts…You cannot continue to perpetuate a problem. Uhuru should get down to the bottom of this problem. Who are the engineers who approved this thing? How did they develop it knowing there was a fault line? dam? And this excessive overpricing how did it happen?” posed Rutto.

The former head of governors faulted the team which approved the project, wondering how they went ahead to approve it without considering all its shortcomings. He observed that they should be held accountable for the same.

While justifying the need for a parliamentary system of governance in Kenya, Ruto maintained that if this was a parliamentary system of government, whoever was in charge of the executive would have been censured Parliament.

Rutto also took swipes with Murkomen accusing him of insincerity in his quest to have the project continued.

“What would Murkomen say if there is a fault line. It is immaterial where engineers come from. If a doctor is asked to do a postmortem, they are all the same, it doesn’t matter if the doctor is from the Himalayas,” stated Rutto.