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Firm inspires young Kenyans into investing early

Cytonn Investments Plc has some of the best investments offering in the market.

Apart from Real Estate, there is Cytonn Money Market Fund, Cytonn High Yield Fund, Pensions management, Balanced Funds, Equity Fund and Cytonn African Financial Services Fund.

Many young people can advantage of offering such as CMMF to grow their money from as little as Sh1000 for a start.

CMMF average return for the last 12 months has been 11 per cent.

This is your ideal investment option if you are looking to build up your savings or for cash you intend to use to meet your short term goals.

Features of CMMF KES:

  • No entry or exit fee is charged.
  • Interest earned is compounded on a daily basis.
  • Your capital will remain safe.
  • You will get competitive rates based on the market.
  • For first time investors, this would be the best starting point

Through the hashtag #MyCytonnStory, the firm shares success stories with an audience mostly of young people on Twitter.

Here are some: