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GRAPHIC: Woman hangs self and baby in Kuria

In what might go down as the most tragic story of the year, the sad news of an agonizing suicide incident in Migori County has surfaced online.

From unverified reports that circulated on Friday evening, a middle-aged lady is said to have crudely taken her own life and that of her young daughter.

The section of residents from Kuria district who witnessed the bizarre incident was left in utter shock after they found the two lifeless bodies hanging from a tree in one of the nearby bushes.

“Somewhere in Kuria, a woman killed herself and her kid. What leads people to such drastic efforts? Why bring a kid into this world only for you to take away her life away like this?” one netizen who shared the gorry clip wondered.

Check out the graphic video below as shared by a Kenyan on Twitter.

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