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How Stella Mwangi’s Biashara Remix Came to be

Khaligraph Jones is one of Kenya’s best rappers at the moment, but where was he eight years ago?

Jones who usually refers to himself as the OG was an uprising artist who would do anything to have a breakthrough in music in the Kenyan Industry.

How Stella Mwangi’s Biashara Remix Came to be
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Kristoff, one of Khaligraph Jones’ best friends in music, has revealed how he made the OG meet Stella Mwangi (STL) one of the best female artists in Kenya at a time when most Kenyan musicians were struggling to produce hit songs.

Speaking to Iko Nini podcast, Kristoff who is a veteran in the music industry was STL’s friend and she happened to ask him to appear in her ‘Biashara’ remix eight years ago.

Stella wanted Kristoff’s cousin Collo to be part of the project but Kristoff thought Khaligraph needed the collaboration more than his cousin since he was already a household name in Kenya at the time.

Kristoff got back to STL and told her of Khaligraph but she didn’t know him at the time. She however agreed not knowing that the OG was going to wow her.

“STL was in Norway and she called me saying that she wants a remix of her Biashara song. She wanted me and my cousin Collo to feature in the remix but I was to talk to Collo about the project.

“I was for the idea and asked her to send me the beats so we work on it. I got home and thought of Khaligraph bearing in mind that he really needed to be part of this project,” said Kristoff.

Kristoff continued that he told Khaligraph of the project but he obviously wouldn’t believe him because STL was a top artist at the time and only a few Kenyan artists could reach her.

“I called Khaligraph about the collaboration but he thought that I was joking. I convinced him to rap along to the beats after which he recorded his verse.

“I recorded mine the following day and send the song to STL who was shocked after listening to it. She asked about Khaligraph after listening to how well he could rap,” Kristoff added.

Kristoff was happy knowing that STL was impressed with how Khaligraph could rap. STL wanted everything to be as it was and she set a date to fly back to Kenya to shoot the video.

Kristoff got back to Khaligraph and told him that STL was coming to Kenya to shoot the video but as usual, the OG didn’t take it seriously because he thought they had recorded a freestyle song.

Khaligraph met STL for the first time on the day they were shooting the ‘Biashara’ remix video and the rest is history.