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Humanity through ‘cliché’ and what it has become ……..

The collectivity of human beings, that is humanity. The quality of being humane or the entire human race with everyone in the world included. Scholars define humanity like that. It’s about how you find it, pressure and stress brought by life has transformed humanity into different things under the same name. Humans are worse than animals.

Humanity is cruel with its image eroding at a fast pace. We as the human race are now in times when money is everything and everything can be done for money. Sex is a common commodity in this trade and of course drugs, alcohol and politics. Unions and marriages don’t last. Same sex coupling has sneaked into the human culture.

With the bad tales that can be written about evolution of humanity over the periods of time, money has been the worst drug. It has worsened the state of humanity to a serious deterioration. Money has put billions of families into abject poverty. Money has privileged a few, those who have it. The filthy rich individuals or families who are mad enough to hire scholars and scientists to control humanity and population through the lab. Some humans feel godly enough to decide who should live or not. That’s the side of humanity my schools of thought hate.

With all the negative things that can be said of humanity, sex and money cuts across. People are paid to lie, kill, people sell their body for money. Humans threaten humanity. Favors are returned through sex and sex can pay what money can’t. Sex cuts against the grains, young against old. Sugar daddy is the other life of a rich man; sugar mummy is the life of an old and successful single woman.

That’s where humanity is right now. Immorality is the norm now. Ladies smash friends and cousins and feel proud about it. Men are apes, they beat chests for giving out bananas. The society where humanity duel is mad, poor people are going mad, rich people are going crazy. The pressure that comes for having or not having money is threatening humanity. Life style diseases choose no class and cancer is literally chewing humanity.

Humanity is divided with scars of apartheid still fresh. Rapper Kanye West notes in one of his classics, ’Never let you down featuring Jay Z’ that racism is still alive, they are just concealing it. Trump tweets in bold, this part of the world is shit hole countries. Blacks die of ebola whites don’t. HIV/AIDS has swept Africa, that’s not the case beyond Mediterranean, Mid Atlantics or to the polar direction. Middle East has its wars going on, far east is economically strong and disease free. China is buying Africa, our people and resources go for a wide road and a weak bridge.

Africa is hawking herself in a slavery market. She prefers the phony Chinese buyer. Governments borrow billions and cash in individual accounts and pockets. The poor are used to getting worse. Parents are part time parents; they parent only when they find time to.  It pains that some of the human race have to thrive in the risky sex industry to support their families. The human race has rubbed out all the dignity in sex.

Any man can smash any woman and the reverse is the case. Crooked lawyers and politicians argue that sex should actually start at sixteen not eighteen. Every advert has its idea based on sex, it keeps githeri media afloat to afford airtime to spread lies and rumours. Bad politics is embraced by the mainstream media. Revolution has been part of humanity, Arab spring that swept across North Africa had western lenses making it popular and worse. It got worse and seriously inflicted pain on humanity.

Blood was shed, so other than disease, bad politics is a threat to humanity. Humanity is diminishing, terror groups kill in shifts. People are struggling to exist, Britain can’t make enough noise from ‘Brexit’, Politics is widely embraced by humanity like a popular sport but politics is destroying lives. It stars to cover the war in Yemen and Syria. The west send troops to show might and not to provide solution. Not humane but that’s another thing that humanity has become.

One rapper said ‘young girls are dropping seeds like farmers’, and that’s the case, pedophiles are the role models. Sex buyers and drug sellers are the leaders. They make laws that enrich them, they make stiffer laws that they bend before they pass, turn around amend or delete. Humanity is on a bumpy road, long and less travelled with many turns and dark corners posing threats and temptations.

The human race has resorted to do it the dirty way. What do you do? That’s another face of humanity, illegal is the way they say. May be with their eyes on their shoulders but drug lords live flashy life styles as their products sweep out the young generation. Drugs is a thorn in humanity’s flesh and slowly killing it, many talents that would have blessed humanity have been taken by drugs. They are underground in caskets. Political class will keep planning to pass laws that can insulate humanity from drugs.

They won’t draft or pass such laws, this is their game. Humanity then resorted to embracing drug to ease pain, stress or just to feel high and happy. Young families are destroyed, kids are orphaned, bread winners are lost and humanity is made miserable. That’s life, life must continue and just like that it’s forgotten and the peddler keeps getting richer and addicts keep falling.

Humanity? Humans lost it when everything that made money became a priority. Africa lost it when her culture was replaced with the white man’s script. It got people confused. A lot that nature has to offer humanity is going to waste, unnoticed or is under serious threat because the human forgot their responsibility. With that what is left of humanity is a shell, hearts are cold and killing is a game.

But humanity is special. Life is special, humanity itself would not be a thing without life. As much as the term (humanity) has been over used, it became a cliché, lost meaning and all sorts of nonsense claimed to define it. It’s the best thing any living thing on earth can experience. The beauty of life is the core of humanity.