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Hustler turns palatial Karen home into a top range guest house

Deep in the middle of affluent Karen neighborhood, the onetime palatial home of the Deputy President William Ruto has been turned into an exclusive guest house serving as an executive wing of the controversial Weston Hotel.

The home that sits on a four acre piece of land has become the nerve centre and Ruto’s political power point. It is located along Koitobos Road, enjoying tranquility of the natural Oloolua trail with thick forests, high tree tops and a giraffe centre within the reach.

The guest house was already open and has been in operation for a few months, but currently there are renovations being carried out that are aimed at raising it to a top range facility, complete with a presidential suite.

The residence has many houses including two 3bedroom mansionettes, for house keepers, security and other staff. The DP moved from the home to his official residence in 2013.

It is in his hustler believes that the house should give him coins for his family instead of staying idle. It’s now a top range guest house targeting top notch clientele. The DP is a heavy investor in the hospitality industry, a part from Weston; he is also associated with the construction of another controversial 600 bed capacity hotel along the shores of Indian Ocean.