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Jaymo Ule Msee warned

Comedian and Youtuber Jaymo Ule Msee (pictured) has been in the industry for some time. He commands a great following on Facebook where his videos garner tens of millions of views.

However, with his meteoric rise, some quarters are not happy with him. Much of this is to do with his choice of actresses.

Good morning editor,

Please ask jemo to stop acting with people’s wives he is breaking families and this is not what his acting should be about. 
The husband and family of faith demands that;

1. He removes/bring down all acting he did with the said faith

2. Should apologize to the husband Jonny

3. Should apologize to Faith’s parents who are more than devastated
She has a child to take care of,going places na mama na Bibi ya mtu for days is sad and un acceptable, hata yeye haezi penda hivyo. Let him chose his actresses wisely he cannot be building himself by destroying others No
Time frame: 3 days to do above.