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Keroche power couple Tabitha and Joseph Karanja freed on 12M cash bail

Tabitha Karanja and her husband Joseph Karanja were on Friday released on Ksh. 10million and Ksh. 2million bail respectively.

Appearing before Nairobi Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi, Mrs. Karanja pleaded not guilty on behalf of Keroche Breweries.

The court noted that the couple’s bail terms would be different taking into consideration Mr. Karanja’s health.

“Joseph Karanja is to pay cash bail Ksh. 2million within seven days while Mrs. Karanja should pay Ksh. 10million immediately, ” Magistrate Andayi said.

The third accused– Keroche Breweries– was ordered to pay Ksh. 10million cash bail within seven days failure to which all the directors will be arrested.

The Magistrate added that the couple are investors of the country and there was no evidence showing that they pose a flight risk.

He however noted that if they wish to travel they will have to confirm with the court and ensure it does not affect subsequent hearings.

Earlier, the Prosecution declared that they would not oppose the couple’s release on bail but asked that the court consider the Ksh. 14billion under investigation.

“Consider if found guilty the sentence is of a fine double the tax evaded or to an imprisonment of ten years or both,” Alexander Muteti said.

He further sought to have the court direct that the two surrender their passports and not leave court jurisdiction.