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Kiambu Women Are A Bad Omen

Is it stereotyping or it’s indeed the truth that Kikuyu women,  and in this case, Kiambu women are the worst thing or breed of humans you can ever marry?

Almost every Kenyan at an age that is legally allowed to have sex, well even though we know right now everyone is having coitus, has alleged rather admitted to a fact that Kiambu women are silent mafiaz!

One person speaking to The Kenyan Bulletin on anonymity has revealed that Kiambu women have the sweetest pussy, but they use it as a commercial entity and you will and can never screw one to change the clitocurrency mentality from them.

A little digging to what this site was told,  we’ve got this tweet from another Kenyan who had a friend that went through the menace even after being warned.

According to the tweet,  Kenyan Bulletin hasn’t verified the actual figures, most households in Kiambu will have,  after census, and have no men of the houses Alive.

Kenyan Bulletin sources can however prove that indeed, in Kiambu county,  we have a lot of drunk to stupor men and some have gone for weeks without a simple shower.

I’m of an opinion that this case and many other cases are rather is the reason why Kiambu men have chosen to be rather being turned to gay marriages. So many Kiambu men are marrying fellow men,  is this because they can’t marry from other Kikuyus? Is it that they know Kikuyu women are not to be trusted? This is far beyond stereotype and something has broken loose on the ground and sooner or later, Kiambu will have, if not yet already, has a full girls, women and widow society.