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Kikuyu Council Elders Explain Why Waiguru’s Remarriage Is a Taboo

The sustained supremacy war between Kirinyanga governor Anne Waiguru and women representative Purity Ngirici spilled over into the former’s new marriage tent after her rival termed the wedding a mockery to voters who were locked out.

Sources close to the women representative said the leader has been castigating the governor for holding an invite-only wedding.

Ngirici has reportedly cashed in on the development and some of her close political associates leaked how she has banked on the development as new ammunition to fight the governor.

She has described the governor as a bully who dictated every planning of the event reducing her husband into a spectator.

The presence of high profile guests including Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga at the event was a clear testimony of how the governor was perfectly running the show.

“This is a clear case where a man has been married by a woman. The man is completely overshadowed and has less impact on decision-making as far as the event was concerned,’’ said one of the organisers who requested not to be named.

The two politicians are known for open hatred against each other that has led to frequent public spats including an ugly incident where they almost went on each other’s neck in the presence of William Ruto who had toured the county.

The governor who has officially dumped the Waiguru name for Mrs Waiganjo has on many occasions been cattacked and vowed that she would not allow Ngirici to undermine her administration.

Waiguru who confirmed their marriage with lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo in a Ngurario, a Kikuyu traditional wedding reportedly promised to deal with Ngirici decisively to ensure she crushes her politically.

Keen observers were quick to point out that the ceremony was partly personal and in some instances, a political event as it served many purposes including being viewed as a launching pad for Mrs Kamotho’s second term in the office.

Conspicuously missing were Ngirici herself, Ruto and Mrs Waiganjo’s main opponent in 2017 gubernatorial race Martha Karua.

In the meantime, Kikuyu Council of Elders have raised issues with the governor’s late marriage, saying it was a taboo against their culture for a woman to enter into marriage that late.

The council’s chairman, Kiama Kia Maa, explained that marriage was undignified and taboo after menopause. Other voters wondered why Waiguru locked out her voters from her big day yet she ferried them to voting stations without a qualm.

They told her that if she feels Uhuru and Raila are more important she should have them register as voters in Kirinyaga to vote for her because they were not going to vote for her anymore.