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KOT: Andrew Kibe Has Been Infected By Kiss 100 Feminism

As Cyprian Nyakundi remains the unopposed, undisputed Boychild President,  Andrew Kibe was the official spokesperson.

But Kenyan Bulletin has learnt that things have started changing as the Boy Child spokesperson has changed since joining Kenya’s number one feminist radio station, Kiss 100.

Cyprian Nyakundi has been and still remains of the rule that “Never ever send a chick money”. Women have become the neo-beggars and are using their vaginas as their bargaining tag.

Unanunua kuma na bado unatumia chuma yako? (You’re buying pussy and still, you’ll use your own penis!) If a woman wants to give you her NUNU let her do it for free because you’ll also be giving her your dick for free. This remains the Boy Childs rule.

Kenyans on Twitter have reacted to this Andrew Kibe new video that he recorded saying he sent a woman fare and she hasn’t shown up to date. Wewe ni ghasia sasa!

Before joining Kiss 100, Andrew Kibe was against Boychild sending money to chicks in exchange of sex.

Here’s is a video of the fallen saying how a man should behave to avoid being disrespected by any woman.

Here’s what Netizens had to say about Andrew Kibe of Kiss 100.