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Leaked Photos: ODM’s new Sh.180 million Lavingtone office

ODM party leader Raila Odinga

The ODM Party is set to move its offices to a new location more than a year after the plan was disclosed.

The new office block is situated at Loyangalani Drive in Lavington, Nairobi.

Photos shared by the party’s Nominated MP Dennitah Ghati showed that the contractors considered accessibility by Kenyans who are differently-abled.

“Am so proud that the party has constructed a ramp direct to the office of our party leader! Accessibility guaranteed to persons with disabilities,” she posted.

Adding that,

“This is a clear indication that the party recognizes the fact that PWDs do politics too!! The ODM Party proudly has the ODM Disability League, a first of its kind that I’m proud of.”

“As its MP for PWDs, I had written and visited the party on behalf of PWDs to request for a ramp and space for our ease of access and today (September 21), the party called me to check it out!! What a joy!” Dennitah, who also serves as ODM’s information and publicity secretary posted.

While the old office block was named Orange House and occupied on a lease agreement, the new headquarters is owned by the party and dubbed Chungwa House.

The old base camp, situated along Menelik Road in Kilimani, is owned by former Raila’s former aide Caroli Omondi.

Caroli, in 2018, declined the renewal of the lease and gave the party up to the end of that year to vacate the premises, which it has occupied for nearly 12 years.

The move to Chungwa House is expected to be emotive for the party’s politicians, seeing that many of them build their careers at Orange House.

New ODM office