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Lulu Diva set to undergo surgery to prevent her from sweating

Tanzanian sexy lass Lulu Diva has made a surprising announcement after she revealed that she is set to  undergo a surgery that will see her sweat no more.

Lulu made it clear that she likes her skin dry and flawless especially when she hits the stage to perform.

In an interview with a local blog the singer revealed that she is set to jet to South Africa to undergo the surgery.

“I will go to South Africa to get a surgery to prevent me from sweating,” Lulu said

She went ahead adding that

“It will take a year and I have already gone once. The whole thing will be over in January next year. I will go back for another treatment in August. It might take me three to four treatments.”

When Lulu was asked on how much the surgery would cost, she said that it is very expensive and to undergo such surgery you must dig deep into your pocket.

“It is very expensive. When I finish the treatment, I will tell you how much it costs. It is too expensive. I told you I’m a Diva and I’m expensive.”

We dug deep into this matter and discovered that the surgery Lulu is set to undergo is called an ETS Surgery; Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to treat hyperhidrosis.

It’s the most successful treatment for excessive sweating of the hands, as well as an effective option for patients who have excessive armpit sweating or facial sweating/blushing.