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Miguna Loses Relative

Self styled National Revolutionary Movement (NRM) General and Lawyer Miguna Miguna is in grieving.

The exiled lawyer is mourning a sister-in-law and regrets that he cannot be allowed into the country to give her last respects.

‘Journey well my sister in law, ANGELINA AOKO ONDIEK. You raised me when I was a young boy. We have had a fantastic relationship for decades. You had the heart of pure gold. Unfortunately, the despots have made sure that I could not say goodbye to you. Rest in Peace, Min Cary’, Miguna wrote on his Twitter page.

The NRM General who recently founded a new political party, Kenya Patriotic Front, was abducted and deported to Canada.

Despite numerous court orders to reinstate Miguna’s passport and Kenyan citizenship an to return him to Kenya, the government of Kenya has continued to act with indifference.

As things stand, Miguna will have to mourn his sister-in-law from Canada.

We at kenyanbulletin.com send our condolences to the family and friends of the departed.

Pole Miguna.