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Mike Sonko’s Daughter Responds To Critics Accusing Her Of Being A Notorious Hoe.


Childhood cartoons and fairy tales always claimed a princess has to kiss a few frogs before she settles for her prince charming. But some princesses seem to have mistaken the whole idea for tasting all flavours and colours of frogs that ever existed.


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Nani alienda kuchokoza mtoto wa Sonko?

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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi was accused by netizens of having an insatiable appetite for men. And as soon as the dust settled, the mother of one jumped to her own defense saying people should stop coming at her over her tendency to jump from one man to another.

And as cherry on top of that warning, the single mum asked her fellow women to do the math and stop building their own version of the truth.

To those women coming to my page to claim I am jumping from one man to another kindly do your math well,” she said.

And to console herself, Nairobi’s First Daughter said she is not the type of woman who desperately seek out love in dating apps and other social media platforms.

Saumu further said some people just detest seeing their fellow women settling down and flourishing. The beauty who had earlier attached a photo of Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip standing next to her declared the chap is her forever and chosen one.

As previously reported, the two were pummeled in a night club forcing Anwar to spend a couple of nights in a hospital bed.

Before unveiling her newest catch, Saumu was in a relationship with a tycoon who even opened up a high end club with the mother of one.

And just before that, the mother of one was engaged to her baby daddy Ben Gatu.

They say three is a charm so maybe, just maybe this is the one.