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Missing judge found dead drunk in Kileleshwa

Missing judge found dead drunk in Kileleshwa
Justice Martin Muya

High Court Judge Martin Muya was on Tuesday morning found in Kileleshwa just hours after his wife Aurellia Mbulwa reported him missing.

Aurellia had told police that the last time he had spoken to him was on Monday at 10 p.m. and his phone had gone off since then.

She further told police that she feared he had been car jacked when he had not responded by Tuesday morning at 4:30 am.

According to a police report, Justice Muya’s son – Benjamin Mati – managed to track the judge’s car to Kileleshwa.

Erratic stops made by the car further reinforced the suggestion that Justice Muya had been carjacked which prompted police to act.

The vehicle was circulated and last spotted at Kileleshwa area where by police shot at the right tyre and deflated it which forced the vehicle to stop.

On board was only the husband who was very drunk,” the police report read in part.

The judge’s car was impounded at the Kilimani Police Station and it remains unclear whether the judge will be arraigned in court for drunk driving.