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Opinion: My Journey with Centum Investments CEO Dr. James Mworia

Centum Investments CEO Dr. James Mworia has been appointed the Chancellor of Machakos University. He was appointed to the position by President Kenyatta for a period of five years effective from April 23rd.

Centum is the largest listed investment company in East Africa, with direct and third-party assets under management of approximately $1.8 billion.

Here is a testimony from Cleophas Namoso

MY JOURNEY WITH DR. JAMES MWORIA                                                                          

Success is the result of key determination and concentration while moving ahead in the path of workings. My childhood was spent under the dark capture of poverty with added misfortunes of getting in under the cover of poor shelter, poor clothing and sometimes slept hungry for uncountable days. As I struggled through primary school life for eight years; walking through long distance, bare foot, still successfully passed my KCPE.

I joined secondary school, not my dream High School though; through difficulty due to insufficient funds. The three years in secondary school were so grueling for me until the fourth year where I met a sponsor who paid for my form four fee.

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Thank God I passed my KCSE and was offered a letter to join Machakos University from September,2013 to April 2017. I was lucky since I applied for HELB loan which catered for my tuition, but since the funds were not sufficient, I could go working at night as the security guard to meet my upkeep expenses. Even though, I stayed focused in my studies.

On December,8th,2017, I graduated with a first class honors and as the valedictorian, class of 2017.

I am one of the beneficiaries of Dr. James Mworia’s kindness in 2018. He gave me the job on my graduation day, a gift I will live to learn by heart all my life. As someone who grew up in a low-income household, the sheer amount of financial freedom the Job offer has provided is life changing. This is the first time in my life that I have been able to meet most if not all of my basic needs without working as a laborer, which has allowed me to solely focus on getting my professional pursuits to a higher standard.

Opinion: My Journey with Centum Investments CEO Dr. James Mworia

The ability to move to Maiyan boutique hotel- in Nanyuki, one of the leading luxurious hotel in Africa, and later to NAS Airport Services Limited is a dream which without Dr. James involment would not have been realized. I worked for NAS Airport as a team leader at Gertrude’s children Hospital for 3years 5 months; courtesy of Dr. Mworia who referred me, to work with the most renowned scholars in my field, and not have to worry about how to make rent or calculate how long I can survive off food in Nairobi; is something I never considered possible.

Dr. Mworia’s constant support both intellectual (from sharing book titles like Dale Carnegie Three days at Camp David, A Game as Old as Empire) has afforded me similar opportunities to anyone else lucky enough to work at this level, and for that, I will always be eternally grateful. Apart from caring about my professional growth, Dr.

Mworia is equally mindful of my social growth as demonstrated by his financial support, during my wedding ceremony on 7th August,2021, amidst covid-19 pandemic. Honestly, this demonstrated that he is more of a professional mentor to me, but more of a guardian and/or a big brother. His advice to me to focus on improving my skills and abilities so as to be able to demonstrate and proof my capabilities lingers in my minds.

Dr. James Mworia has influenced my life to rise through my career ladder. Currently, I am the hospital administrator for NASIOTRUST-a charity organizations based in Western Kenya dealing in eradicating poverty, promoting health as well as education. At this time planning for Marathon to raise funds to be able to expand the medical facility at the NASIOTRUST charity organization.

I have great aspirations to a pursue a Master’s degree in Canada in Healthcare management-since Canada is a leading country in matters health care.

Thanks you so much Dr. Mworia for showing true kindness to me and for being there for me when I really needed. I will always be humbled and delighted to be associated with Dr. Mworia who has remained supportive to me all this while.

# May God Bless You so much Daktari.