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Passaris: Simba Arati Has A Men Only Office

Nairobi Women Representative is once again on the limelight over her shoes. Passaris unmasked the status of the office belonging to Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati.  Passaris and Arati had attended a function in Dgoretti Constituency where the Woman Rep slammed Arati for having poor office block which she referred to as not convenient for women to walk around.

“I am telling Simba Arati that his office is not for women. You should put slabs so that women can walk comfortably in high heels. I had difficulty walking and it also spoils our shoes Simba, they are very expensive and the economy is not doing so well,” Passaris claimed.

Arati in his defense, the Mp faulted Passaris for choosing the wrong shoes. “You’re the only one with high heels, these people prefer walking in flat shoes,” he echoed.

The unfolding drama continued as Passaris was quick to respond to Arati’s sentiments. “It is because they have gotten used to the bad state of the floors here,” she answered.

Esther Passaris

For a moment the two MPs seemed to have forgotten their main agenda of the meeting as they argued over Passaris shoes which were totally utter nonsense and premature complaint from the Woman Rep.

Passaris later proceeded to address the women educating them on the importance of table banking, after the shared light moment.

“I look forward to collaborating with your office to touch the lives of marginalized women from Dagoretti North through the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF),” Passaris vowed.

Arati also through his facebook page posted his remarks and said:

“This is an initiative that seeks to empower and increase their economic standing in an effort to eliminate poverty as per the outlines of the Sustainable Development Goals.” he stated.