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Reason why Zari won’t bear a child for new husband anytime soon

Months ago, businesswoman Zari Hassan hinted that she will get more kids with her new man KingBae once they settled down.

Zari revealed that she is yet to close the kids chapter in her life considering her new man only has one child and it will not be bad if they got twins together.

Now that they are officially married, Mrs M revealed that she is still keen on giving him children but it’s scary because her career is very demanding.

“Yea (I’m still interested in giving him twins) but it’s scary saa hizi kubeba mimba na hizi kazi ninazo,” she disclosed on Millard Ayo TV.

Miss Hassan went on to reveal that’s she is very healthy but if she is unable to bear him children they will get a surrogate mother to carry their baby to term.

“I am still healthy, very healthy and fertile but if I can’t get pregnant for him we will get a surrogate. Kids are beautiful, nilitamanai kupata watoto kumi unajua watu wa zamani walikuwa wanazaa. I am so old fashioned and traditional I want 10 babies so my kids can have a huge family get together and a cook out. Okay maybe 10 is too much. No its not. Maybe. 10 Inshallah. It’s a blessing. Wanawake wanatufuta watoto hawazai. Wengine wetu tumezawadiwa kuzaa kama kuku so why not? Najiweza so hata akiondoka its fine,” she said.