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Robbery with violence woman blames her ex-lover cop for her woes

Eunice Njeri, a robbery with violence suspect who appeared before Kibera Law Courts monday narrated that her ex-biyfriend who is a police officer is responsible for her woes. She told the court that the arresting officer is her former boy friend who wanted her back but she refused and the officer vowed to teach her a lesson.

With a possible life sentence Njeri took the only chance and narrated to the court her long story of how the cop she once dated turned against her, framed and arrested her. She said that she was facing serious charges in the name of love that ended long ago but the officer not have moved on.

Njeri told Kibera senior principal magistrate Barabara Ojoo that she was in a love relationship with the arresting officer, Mohammed,  for a long time before they went separate ways. She claimed that officer had tried on several occasions to win her back but she refused because the man is not well behaved and turning down officer Mohamed was the cause of all her tribulations.

She claimed that the officer drove her in the police vehicle around Loresho for almost the whole day in attempts to win her back but she refused. Mohamed had threatened to make life unbearable for her and that could be the case she is facing.

Njeri says she rescued by a female cop who gave her her mobile phone to call her mother, who came and picked her baby. When Mohamed found that her baby had been picked, he called her a prostitute who had lured male cops to offer her help.

In the records, Njeri is accused of robbing Thomas Mwavali of cash and electronics valued at Sh112, 000. The report states that Njeri together with others not before court hit Mwavali with an iron bar before stealing from him.

Njeri claims Mohamed took her finger prints and forced her to sign forms she did not understand. Mwavali on the other hand said he was grabbed by unknown people as he tried to access his house after watching a soccer match. he was hit by a metal bar, black out and only recalls hearing a female voice.

His house was force opened and the lady with others started carrying things from his house. The judgement f the case is slated for  October 30th.