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Safaricom PLC Slammed with a Class Action, Here is Why

Safaricom PLC have monopolized the markets and since the giant seems too big to fall, they have been selling customers data to third parties.

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi has, in a series of tweets, threatened a class action against Safaricom.

“Lately, I’ve been receiving unsolicited sms from these numbers inter alia…21026, 23050, 40720, Creditinfo BNTSMS, Senti, 60040…and others. It’s very obvious that Safaricom allows third party to have access to my number without my permission,” Ahmednasir tweeted late last night.

Safaricon has been dashing out Customer private details and everyone needs to join and walk the talk against this to the corridors of Justice.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi had, previously published on his blog complaints from thousands of Kenyans that had been involuntarily enrolled to funny paid sms subscriptions.

The firm sued him for all sort of unproven offences and gag orders served to him despite Safaricom refunding those conned after his expose.

Here is the link to a story published on Cyprian Nyakundi’s website


Will Grand Mullah walk the talk or its just another weekend vibe on Twitter streets as he sips camel milk?

“This is obviously a gross infringement on my Right to Privacy under Article 31 of the Constitution. I suspect this breach of privacy is rampant and Safaricom may be charging fees the entities it gives access to phone data. I think class action is an appropriate step. What do you think, people?” He queried.

Thousands of Kenyans have been complaining about receiving unsolicited messages from third-parties on their Safaricom line.

Screeshot of Unsolicited Messages recieved on a Safaricom line

In response to allegations of selling customer data to third-parties, Safaricom has denied ever granting access to third-parties.

Last year in June, one Benedict Kabugi sued the telecommunications giant for Ksh 115 trillion over breach of privacy.

What Safaricom doesn’t say is how they believe the users may have subscribed to the services through other prompts.

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2. Patent Infringement