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Scam-Artist Joe Mwangi Now Threatens Wendy Waeni’s Mother

Scam-Artist Joe Mwangi Now Threatens Wendy Waeni’s Mother
Magdalene Syombua, Wendy Waeni’s mother

The mother of 14-year-old Kenyan acrobat, Wendy Waeni, now says the teenager’s ex-manager, Joe Mwangi, is threatening her (mother).

On Wednesday, August 7, Waeni told the nation – in an interview on Citizen Television – that despite having performed on big stages in different parts of the world, she is yet to get a coin from Joe Mwangi.

The 14-year-old further alleged that Joe Mwangi has taken control of her social media pages, which boast of hundreds of thousands of followers.

The girl’s mother, Magdaline Syombua, claims Mwangi reached her on phone recently to threaten her.

“Now that things have become tough for him, he threatened me. He said he will no longer pay for Wendy’s passport. According to him, the person who took us to Citizen TV should foot the bills,” Syombua told Citizen Television.

Syombua said she met Joe Mwangi in 2014.

“He told me he would arrange performances for Wendy; and if her talent was discovered, he would know how to work with her from there,” said Syombua.

“At one point I asked him, why I was yet to receive even a coin from him despite my daughter performing on big stages and also for prominent people world over,” said Syombua.

“He said all this time, he was only promoting Wendy and giving her the exposure she needed, which, according to him, did not, necessarily, translate to money,” said Syombua.

Joe Mwangi has since come out to refute Waeni’s allegations.

Meanwhile, the DCI said on Friday that it has launched investigations into allegations made by Waeni — that Joe Mwangi exploited her.

In a tweet, DCI said the Child Protection Unit have already started investigating the claims and legal action will be taken if Joe Mwangi will be found culpable.

“Detectives from the Child Protection Unit have today commenced investigations into this matter & should ANY criminal culpability be found, appropriate legal action will be taken. We are grateful to all those who brought this to our attention,” tweeted DCI.