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‘Shame of sex’, Industry kings with busy pins…….

‘Shame of sex’, Industry kings with busy pins…….

By Nicholas Olambo

Jibril Blessing is one of the best, biggest or most sort after video producers in Kenya but apart from shooting flicks this fellow is a serious and busy in beds. He is entering everywhere his pin is busy. If he is not on actress Maurine Obara and changing her status to single mother status, the director would be cutting and scooping rapper Shantell all into his plate and making juicy stories on blogs. Like he doesn’t care J Blessing has a big appetite, he would still be having singer Avril as a favorite dish in the menu too. Stories of a thing with Bahati’s Diana would also be spilling over the blogs. His ‘developed’ star status is donating well to the sex world, he is an industry dude scavenging on all industry bitches and bitches in the industry.

Music video director, J Blessing

But what again? He is a young and successful man in the game, he should be left to live, many people live like that. President Ngechu should be a perfect example. He is a bad boy soldier; his trigger finger is itchy when he is with the opposite sex. it is never rumoured, it is always confirmed when he is hitting it. He could be a serial killer I tell you, this guy is bad and he enjoys playing bad boy with women. From dating Niki till they did a song to sexing Kaz when they were doing a song. Prez would still rock with the late Goldie off and on cameras with the big brother watching.

He proceeded to Vera, Huddah and their stars shone bright, he went on Notti and they became people, to Yola and some Tanzanian socialite …. To Cess Mutungi, the list is long. He has loved and he has broken hearts but either way he does them with some sort of ‘excellence’ he blames on his ‘presidential’ status. It’s always an interesting story when he is seeing a woman or rumored to be having sugar mummies. His baby mama dramas or just the story with his ex-wife which is like a script. It’s a bad boy thing. Who really expected a player to chill? It had to come and pass like that.

Rapper CMB Prezzo in an old photo

Sex in the industry is not a new thing. It’s not here alone only that rappers like Octo, Khaligraph, King Kaka/Rabbit are soft with nothing much on such but I must say Timmy Dat is busy off mic and set. He is busy in bed and beds. Every vixen must leave with his signature. I should not touch on his story with Kush Tracy because it’s now official the wembe hit maker is cutting rapper Rosa Ree from Tanzania but how his thing ended with Kush was embarrassing. Prez was also smashing her at the time alongside many fellows. She was hot and still could be an upcoming artist. These things happen a lot, people want to be talked about a lot to promote noise.

But even off the industry, not many are sexually disciplined. From city hall to parliament, ‘those places are like brothels’ my uncle used to say. Bad girls are in there and they are thirsty, they are daring and sharing. An entire whatsapp group of some female lawmakers had a piece of Wazir Chacha, from the admin to just added. That was too much for a boy child but githeri media had a mad man’s angle. They saw what they saw and reported what they didn’t.

Some New York writer argued in her piece that sins of the flesh shouldn’t be such a big deal. To say the least, it’s rampant in the fourth estate, many media girls lower pants to get stories or just to show insane love to a driver, security officer, politician or rich men. Many coperate moguls have been through Grace. I don’t want to talk about Carol, Linda, Lilian, Betty to Kamene …. embarrassing.

Well, as Prez remains the baddest bad boy of all time, Col. Mustafa (kapuka singer), Singer Otile Brown, DJ Crème de la crème and partners Fadhili and Ambogo also missed the bin and threw in some thirty second thrillers. It’s a boy’s world, it’s the industry, it’s life they say but not many get lucky to escape without ‘shame of sex’. Everybody does it by the way, why should yours be loud and messy? Why should it do rounds in the internet, what will your children read about you? Rapper Nonini was sort of naughty and vulgar but he never had sad stories like Rapper Bamboo did, humping in the wash room. Wyre, Nameless, Juacali have rocked for long but with their sex lives private. It’s about discipline.