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The Risks of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery for Kenyan Women

The trend of Brazilian butt lift surgery has gained popularity among women in Kenya, who desire to enhance the size and shape of their buttocks without the use of implants.

Dr Esther Gathura, a plastic surgeon, recently shared her views on this matter in an interview with Spice FM.

While the Brazilian butt lift is a specialized fat transfer procedure, Dr Gathura cautions that some women resort to dangerous methods to achieve this desired look.

She has heard of women injecting themselves with Royco, a seasoning product, which is a clear indication of how desperate some individuals are to attain a bigger butt.

Dr Gathura emphasizes that the procedure is normally performed under anesthesia, but in some cases, it may be done with only local anaesthesia.

However, it is not without risks. The surgeon highlights that the procedure has been deemed as risky procedure in the UK due to its associated risks.

One of the major risks of the Brazilian butt lift is an infection, which can lead to uneven-looking buttocks.

This is because the procedure involves taking fat from one part of the body and transferring it to another, and since fat is a natural substance, it cannot be controlled entirely.

The body may absorb some of it, leading to an uneven appearance that can only be rectified with additional procedures.

Moreover, the procedure carries the risk of buttock fat embolism, where the fat can enter the blood vessels and block the flow of blood. This can cause respiratory distress and, in severe cases, even death.

Dr Gathura urges women to consider the complications and risks associated with this procedure before undergoing it.

She also recommends that those who desire to have the procedure done should seek licensed professionals to reduce the risk of complications and increase the likelihood of successful outcomes.

In conclusion, the Brazilian butt lift surgery may seem like an easy solution to achieving the desired physical appearance, but it is important to recognize the risks involved.

Dr Gathura encourages women to prioritize their health and safety above all else when considering such procedures.

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