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Tob Cohen’s burial date, time and location revealed

Slain Dutch tycoon and renowned golfer Tob Cohen will be buried on Monday, September 23, at the Jewish Cementry on Wangaru Maathai Road.

Family revealed that Cohen was Jewish and had to be buried in accordance with the traditions.

This is following an agreement by the intrested parties; Sarah Wairimu and Gabrielle Van Straten.

Tob Cohen’s wife, Sarah and his sister Gabrielle Van Straten on Thursday, September 19 agreed on the time of the burial, location and date.

In addition, Wairimu, who is being held in remand prison pending September 26 when she will plead to a murder charge, will be allowed to attend the ceremony.

Further reports stated that the tycoon’s burial was pegged on the fulfillment of the conditions set by the interested parties.

According to Wairimu, through her lawyer Phillip Murgor, the first condition was that the ceremony be made private, only open to members of the family. This means that friends will be barred from attending.

Tob Cohen’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta affirmed that Gabrielle had agreed to Wairimu’s participation in the funeral.

“The burial ceremony will be private and for family members only. Sarah and Gabrielle will participate as widow and sister respectively,” read Murgor in a joint statement with Ombeta.

“It will not benefit either of the parties if we start having a tug-of-war of who owns Cohen’s body. Cohen deserves to have a dignified burial,” stated the tycoon’s lawyer.

A meeting was held in a city hotel on Thursday, by the two lawyers who sought to iron out pertinent issues that had emerged on the previous day and addressed the media afterward on the same.