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Top lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir represents Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi in the tussle with politicians linked to fake gold scam

Flamboyant Lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir, KTK Advocates

Flamboyant Lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir (DBK) has been retained by controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi following politicians Phelix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o, Zaheer Jhanda and Allan Chesang’s intention to sue the blogger.

“It is good that Jalas, Zaheer & Jesang want to go to court. It’s essential for Kenyans to probe into their wealth sources. Many of us are eager to learn how they’ve amassed their money, even making money-counting videos. My Lawyer Donald Kipkorir will be handling these matters,” Nyakundi announced.

Cyprian Nyakundi had on Tuesday morning posted an article linking the three legislators to criminal money laundering and gold scamming.

“The trio is accused of being part of a network of scammers who have operatives posing as government officials from police, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and customs departments, complete with fake documentation. This intricate web of deceit began to unravel when a Tunisian national found himself on the brink of losing a staggering Sh1 billion in a fake gold transaction. Unbeknownst to him, this elaborate con game was orchestrated by the aforementioned trio, who possessed insider information regarding the source and authenticity of the counterfeit gold,” Cyprian Nyakundi posted in an article on his blog under the title, Zaheer Jhanda, Allan Chesang and Jalang’o Linked to Sh1 Billion Fake Gold Scam.

The article was the topic of discussion on X (Twitter) for most part of Tuesday. By evening, the blogger notified his users that the trio had sent demand letters to his WhatsAPP.


“The aforementioned post not only lacks factual basis but also serves to tarnish our Client name and professional standing in the community. The foregoing goes to demonstrate that you intended to form a negative and undesirable opinion about our Client and to our Client’s detriment. Accordingly, our instructions are to demand from you, which we hereby do, you make an immediate public retraction of the defamatory statements made in the aforementioned post, along with an unequivocal apology to be posted on the same platform with equal prominence with equal prominence to the original publication.”, the demand letter from Langata MP lawyer, Cliff Oduk Advocates, stated in part.

(Left to right) Nyaribari Chache MP Zaheer Jhanda, Trans Nzoia Senator Allan Chesang, and Lang’ata MP Felix Odiwuor aka Jalango. There’s an explosive report that links them to Sh1 Billion Fake Gold Scam.

KTK Advocates, DBK’s law firm had on 13th September 2023, responded denying the Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi had defamed the legislators’.

“We have been retained by Cyprian Nyakundi, our Client, to act for him herein. Our Client avers that your allegations and Claim are without Constitutional, legal and factual basis and peremptory denies in toto the same,” KTK shot back.

Cyprian Nyakundi will seek to have the court examine the source of wealth of the trio, through a provision under The leadership & Integrity Act and Access Information Act.

“Our Client will defend any ill-advised Suit and will Counter-claim for full disclosure under The leadership & Integrity Act and Access Information Act.
Be guided appropriately,” KTK wrote on a letter shared by Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi.