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Twitter Rolls Out Filters To Block Spam DMs

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Have you ever received such messages on Twitter? They are pretty annoying and the social media app is quickly acting on plans to filter potentially offensive direct messages.

According to their official twitter support account, Twitter is rolling out the filter to all users on Android, iOS and the web. As during the test, there isn’t much mystery to how this works. If a message contains questionable language or is likely spam, it’ll be tucked away in an “additional messages” folder. You’ll only see the colourful language if you explicitly tap on a message in that folder. You won’t have to put up with DM harassers if you’d rather just carry on with your day.


The expansion comes as part of a wider effort to curb abuse that includes reply moderation. It won’t stop some of the worst offenders, such as those who intend to carry out threats whether or not you read their DMs. It should, however, give you a way to leave your message inbox open to people you don’t follow without giving creeps an easy way to make your life miserable.

Some users have however told the company to find a way to opt-out or block those direct messages from spamming users DMs.

They had announced that they are testing this on 15th of August last month and this month they have rolled out the feature.