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Video: Corrupt Kenyan OCS Escapes Mob Justice from Tanzanian BodaBoda Riders

A few days ago, Taita Taveta Police Station OCS was in circled by irate Boda Boda riders from Tanzania where he had gone to drink cheap alcohol.

According to our source, ASP Michael Kahale who is the OCS at Taita Taveta police station and four others cops escaped mob justice from Tanzanian BodaBoda riders who are always arrested in the Kenyan border.

Hawa polisi wa Kenya ni wapumbavu sana, yafaa wapigwe ndio wajue Tanzania hatuna ufisafi” one Instagram user commented on a clouds radio account.

Courtesy photo of Kenyan Police at a road block

Other users asked why Kenyans roam freely in Tanzania while the Kenyan Police Boss always harrass them while in the country.

Serikali yafaa iwanase wakenya wote wapo hapa bila passpoti. Sisi twasumbuliwa kabisaa na polisi wa Kenya uko.”

According to Boda Boda riders, ASP Michael Kahale goes to Tanzania to drink cheap liquor then arrests Tanzanian Boda Boda riders who cross into Taita Taveta.

The OCS is new at Taita Taveta Police Station, he arrests and takes every money Tanzanian riders have when they illegally cross to Kenya. Everyone crosses illegally but he arrests only Tanzanians, now the wanted to revenge when they saw him at Club Dubai, where he comes to Drink cheap alcohol in Tanzania,” a source told this writer

Our source says ASP Kahale is newly commisioned to Taita Taveta and is enslaving his juniours already.

Unaenda Tanzania kuletea mkubwa pombe mara ingine wasichana na ukikataa utapelekwa kwa ukame,” an anonymousimous police informer told the source.

Here is the video as shared by CloudsTV, an independent station from Tanzania.


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