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Video of Chuka Cop Assaulting Magunas Supermarket Security Guard

Kenyan rogue Police have once again exposed their dirty side in matters keeping law and order. Their unprofessional approach and uncouth handling of crisis during this pandemic times is not only wanting but also raises questions on the set importance of whatever is being taught at Kiganjo.

A Kenyan on twitter has shared a CCTV video footage from Magunas Supermarket Chuka showing a plain cloth police officer attacking a supermarket security guard for insisting that the officer can’t enter the supermarket without a facemask.


“According to Magunas Supermarket the guard requested the officer to put her mask well which was hanging on the neck before entering the supermarket being the procedures issued by the government of Kenya through the ministry of health that everyone Must wear Mask in Public.

Yaani Askari wanadhani they are immune to CoronaVirus,they harass,beat then send their idiotic colleagues to arrest the security guard! Ujinga wa Kenya uko on another level! Stupidity.” 

This has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans on Twitter. Some have cussed the cop while others insisting that the two did no adhere to the set rules.

Watchman Brutally Beat Up Police who had been Sent to Arrest Him ...

Last year, a private guard in Likoni was arrested after he and a bouncer at the Kenya Ferry Services channel descended on two police officers sent to arrest him over allegations that he had stolen from a woman.

Davis Wafula of Guardforce Security Company is said to have robbed the woman of her valuables prompting the officers to be deployed after the matter was reported.

When the officers flushed the suspect from his hiding place, an argument ensued that quickly deteriorated into a fistfight.

Earlier this month, a primary school teacher, her daughter and an unidentified woman were arrested in connection with the killing of a guard in Ukwala.

The suspects are accused of beating the man to death on Tuesday evening.

Neighbours say the watchman barred one of the teacher’s daughters from playing in a compound and a dispute ensured.

“The girl went to her mother crying and reported the incident to her. The woman alongside her 19-year-old daughter took a piece of wood and clobbered the watchman to death”, said a neighbour who did not want to be named.

Police collected the body of the guard and took it to Ukwala Sub-County Hospital mortuary for post-mortem.