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Video! Pastor James Ng’ang’a now goes hard after matatu touts

Controversial Neno Evangelism Centre founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a has been trending for some time now because of his controversial statements in church. Shocking things that have many wondering whether he’s high or battling a mental illness.

Now, the controversial pastor is in the news yet again after he blasted rogue matatu touts who lie to innocent passengers about bus fare.

According to Pastor Ng’ang’a, the touts usually use a language that will confuse passengers and lured them into their matatu only for them to find out the exact bus fare after boarding.

“Dandora tano, twenty Nyayo,twenty Rongai Nyayo, mbao Nyayo Rongai this conmen sasa wewe utaingia ukijua Rongai ni twenty bob wewe utafika Rongai utapelekana na hawa watu wanaka kama wamevuta bangi ata wana weza nyanganya uyo mama mfuko yake they don’t care,” he said.

Matatu drivers and tout are infamous for their rude, aggressive and vulgar manner of engaging with passengers, other road users or even the authorities.

On Kenyan roads, matatu crew are the law themselves, and cases of them assaulting passengers, hiking fares and sexually harassing women have been on the rise.