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What does the future hold for a punctured politician like Mudavadi?

His father Moses Mudavadi was a top notch politician who enjoyed a close relationship with the former president Daniel Moi, so when his father passed Moi chose to shape him. He did it till Musalia became the man he is today. He is rich, he is in the blogs, dailies and archives with a decorated political resume.

He has been a member of parliament, he served in many ministries including the powerful finance and local government. Cyrus Jirongo says Mudavadi would be a vice president long ago but he was 29, at least he needed to be 35 years of age. I doubt, but Musalias has been a vice president for two months and he’s been a deputy prime minister too.

He began suffering a slow puncture for his sycophancy to Moi. When everybody who felt they were presidential enough in KANU bolted out after Moi fronted Uhuru Kenyatta as his preferred candidate, Musalia stuck like a tick on a dead skin. He chose not to run but deputize Uhuru and they lost. He even lost his parliamentary seat. He rose from the cold through ODM and in the following elections he would still play the number two position by being Raila’s running mate. That means no growth.

In 2013, he sank deeper. Moi must be unhappy, this protégé is performing way below average. He was duped by his 2002 buddies, the duo of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. He was prompted to be the Jubilee Coalition flag bearer but that idea was reverted in less than 48 hours later. Ruto dismissed him and his small party, he complained like a little girl. Ruto and Kenyatta still paid him to play a spoiler role in the same elections, he came distant ‘fourth’ after the spoilt votes.

Presidency got off his horizon, it is now high like giraffe’s pussy. Appealing, smelling but he can’t taste it beacause he was already used being spoon fed as he stays a sycophant. Moi spoon fed him all through, Kibaki was for his presidency in 2013 but lost interest when Mdvd looked confused and controlled like a puppet by Uhuru and Ruto.

How is going to be a president with a worsening puncture? Political professors will tell you ‘hell no, Musalia is a toy gun for hire’. Toys have no value in this Chinese era, they are discredited before arrival. It’s sad that when Moi’s protégés are presidents and still promising to be presidents, Musalia can’t make the cut. He is now trapped in Ruto’s ploy to set Luhyas againt Luos in the kibra mini polls.

He is not reinventing himself, he is confused, he supporting and opposing Raila Odinga at the same time. Report has it that he told the outspoken Miguna Miguna that he is a conservative, he believes in the system. He, at the same time claims to be playing the opposition role.

How can a guy bootlicking the dynasties be an opposition leader? This a guy paying due respect to rule number uno of the 48 laws of power. He learnt not to outshine his boss and he is playing and living like that. His bosses are many, Moi, Kenyatta, Ruto and occasionally Raila. It’s a thing with soft boys from Moi’s school of politics. Kalonzo is also confused like him but Musalia hardly call shots in his own backyard, who is that?