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AMISOM begins winding its operations in war torn Somali

As stipulated in the Somalia Transition Plan, AMISOM has handed the management and control of Warsheikh Forward Operating Base to the Somali Security Forces. This is in line with preparations for AMISOM to exit the war torn country in 2021.

AMISOM has been managing the security in Warsheikh and its surroundings over the past five years. The base was initially under the Burundi National Defense Forces (BNDF) before it was handed over to Hirshabelle Police Commissioner in 2014. This move is part of a very crucial plan to transfer all the security responsibilities under AMISOM to the Federal Government of Somalia.

It comes after the head of state from troop and police contributing countries met earlier in the year and resolved to reinforce military operations in Somalia to effectively counter and crush the dreaded Al Shabaab militants.

Leaders met in a one day summit in Djibouti on 20th February amid calls from countries like Kenya where there has been a raging debate to call back our troops from unending war. KDF (Kenyan Defense Forces), one of the disciplined in Africa has been in Somalia since 2011. The war in Somalia seems very far from over and has been rocked by controversies of some forces pursuing different interests.

KDF, for instance has been accused of engaging in the illegal charcoal exportation business, importation and ferrying of contra band sugar. Kidnaps and attacks have reduced over the time but the strip from Lamu to Northern regions of Kenya still remains vulnerable to possible attacks from the militants.