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Murang’a County to embrace drone technology in netting illicit brewers


Police in Murang’a County are set to embrace drone technology in their measures to end brewing of illicit alcohol in the county. This is after they added drones to their arsenal on Wednesday 4th September.

The first drone which is expected to carry out surveillance along River Chania was launched by the county commissioner Mohamed Barre. Merchants of the illicit brew are known to hide their products along the river banks. Barre stated that the information from the device will be acted upon by arresting the culprits.

It is in police findings that most of illicit brew consumed in Murang’a, Thika and Nairobi can be traced back to the banks of River Chania. The county is notorious for raising eyebrows in illegal brewing business after an operation uncovered a vast network late last year.

The hundred day exercise that was conducted under the leadership of the then county commissioner John Elungata saw the destruction of over 36,000 litres of illicit brew. Illicit brew has destroyed lives, caused accidents and taken lives as well.

Rising cases of homicides and suicide in the region have been blamed on illicit brew. Women have also blamed poor performance of their men in bed on the illicit brews and other brands of cheap liquor.

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