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CON ALERT 1: How MIMO News is Conning Unsuspecting Kenyans On Facebook.

Kenyans love free deals and when any fraudster comes with a get rich quick ideas Kenyas flood their offices or as in this case, online pages.

Kenyan Bulletin reminds you of how Gakuyu estates conned thousands of Kikuyu entrepreneurs with their false promises of making them profitable and supper rich from a few monthly savings. The company, Ekeza SACCO sunk with millions of so many poor Kikuyu’s who followed what Njogu wa Njoroge, another Maina Kageni of properties said using his female voice on Kameme FM influence to lure them into a con trap.

Away from that, MIMO News has also set the same platform on facebook and is conning thousands of facebook users in what they term as ” pay to get paid to share News.”

According to information that Kenyan Bulletin has received, MIMO News asks for new members to join their paid subscription page and news site with Ksh 1500. After which, they allegedly get paid sh 5 for every story they read and sh5 for every story they share with some even saying they get paid sh10 for trending news they share to the site. No payment can be verified as per this moment.

After paying the set subscription fee, members are urged to invite other members and through their, Mimo news, AI bots, those who get to invite more members to get paid sh200 once the new members pay sh1500 for registration.

Here are some con posts on facebook that mimo News are using to defraud thousands of thousands of kenyans via Safaricom Paybill and account numbers.

Our investigations further reveal that some of the members paid as much as sh 2000 yet their accounts have never been activated to date. Why is the government allowing this in brought daylight? Why are Kenyans allowing themselves to be fooled like this? This is the reasons why everyone that worships Moi’s stupid 8-4-4 systems should be dealt with as a half-cooked and baked product.

Many people that signed into this scheme have never received a coin. With the fraudsters using their bots and workers to fool other victims that indeed they get paid if they subscribe. here are some of the many complaints sampled from just one post.

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They use accounts like this one of Joshua Oduor to convince people that Mimo News is real. Some people believe and others that blindly registered flood the posts with complaints and insults after understanding the fact that they have been conned.

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What is the role of Safaricom in all this? Why aren’t they concerned with what Kenyans are going through? are they accomplices?

Kenyan Bulletin is following more cases about this and analyzing more information coming in through our chief editor. Stay locked in to Kenyanbulletin.com for more details about this case.

More to follow…