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Winnie Odinga Gives Nairobi Estates New Names

Winnie Odinga

Nairobi is deteriorating.

Sometimes there are those like John Gakuo and Esther Passaris that the good heavens sends Nairobi’s way to make good changes that impact positively

The former town clerk Gakuo made Nairobi beautiful by fencing the flower and tree sections.

Passaris on the other hand through her Adopt-a-light company, lit up a rather crime infested, potholes filled road city.

Following the sad but true expose by a local media house on how school kids as young as those in Kindergarten are woken up at 4 am to prepare to go to school; and many other issues that the city of illiterate Mike Sonko faces. Winnie Odinga has decided, it is enough with the good names that Nairobi estates have.

She suggested we change the names as below:

‘Nairobi estates should really start changing their names to reflect what they actually are. No more skyview, bluesky, greenfields, mountain view etc. It should be “traffic jam gardens” ” Corruption money paradise” “Choke Smoke suites” “schoolbus itakuamsha 5 villas” na kadhalika’, Winnie wrote on her Twitter account.