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Ex-treasury staff and her daughter brutally murdered in their apartment in South B

Former government official was on Monday, September 23 found dead in her apartment alongside her daughter.

Judith Mwai, a 73-year-old and her daughter Catherine Nyaguthi Mwai, 47, were found murdered in different bedrooms of their South B residence.

The incident reportedly happened on Sunday but the bodies were not discovered until Monday by a relative who had gone to visit them.

The two were the only occupants of the house in South B’s Golden Gate court. Judith was a retiree of the National treasury while her a daughter had recently retired from a local bank.

Reports by The Standard further indicated that the two were the last seen on Sunday afternoon after they were dropped by a black SUV.

The relative who had gone to visit them explained not getting a response at the door, prompting her to check the bedrooms upstairs where she stumbled on the bodies.

She then called the police who arrived at the scene and established that the elderly woman had been strangled using a sisal rope.

The 73-year-old’s body was found lying on the bed strangled with a sisal rope tied on the bed stand and blood coming out of her mouth.

Her daughter’s body was discovered on the floor of her bedroom with injuries on her neck indicating signs of strangulation.

Police further disclosed that there were signs of struggle in the house where nothing seemed to have been stolen as electronics, as well as the victims’ mobile phones, were found on them.

Nairobi Police boss Philip Ndolo stated they had so far not established the motive of the killings thus no arrests had been made.

“This seems to be murder but experts are on the ground are looking for leads. We are yet to know the motive,” he stated.