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Here is why a Bar cleaner was stabbed to death

A man stabbed and killed his wife this morning in Naivasha bar, following a misunderstanding over an undisclosed matter.
After committing the act, the man whose identity could not be immediately established turned the killer weapon to himself in a bid to take away his life after killing his wife in a bar.
In a heartbreaking incident that occurred at Club 8 located in Maai Mahiu, the deceased identified as Veronicah Wanjiru, had just reported at the entertainment joint where she worked as a cleaner, when tragedy struck.
Her husband had walked in and requested that they settle a misunderstanding which had occurred the previous night.
According to the bar owner Elizabeth Wanjiru, Veronicah was busy cleaning the premises when her husband walked in and pleaded with her that they settle matters and she takes him back, but a seemingly unamused Veronicah would hear non of it.
It is after endless pleading that the boy child realized that his wife was no longer interested in him that he reached for a vegetable knife hidden in his pockets and stabbed her several times on the neck killing her on the spot.
He then turned the knife to himself and in a powerful thrust immersed it in his ribs in a bid to take away his life. Luckily, he survived the self-inflicted injury and is currently admitted at Maai-mahiu hospital in critical condition.
Detectives based at Naivasha have taken up the matter and are looking forward to the suspect’s recovery before charging him with murder contrary to Section 203 as read with Section 204 of the Penal Code.